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For over 200 years, we’ve been harnessing Ireland’s powerful elements to produce hand-crafted crystal, and unforgettable moments for you to indulge in.

Since 1783, we have crafted luxury, hand-cut crystal glassware, barware and homeware of unrivalled brilliance and clarity, improving on centuries-old tools and techniques to deliver timeless crystal pieces that elevate the moment.

Our iconic collections of crystal vases, bowls, tumblers, wine glasses draw inspiration from our proud Irish heritage, crystallising the beauty of quaint villages, historic castles and breath-taking green landscapes throughout the Emerald Isle.

Waterford Craft Brew
Waterford Irish Lace
Waterford Lismore Arcus
Waterford Lismore Essence
Waterford Marquis Drinkware
Waterford Marquis Moments
Waterford Lismore Tall collections
Waterford Gin Journeys
Waterford Connoisseur
Waterford Lismore Nouveau Home Bar
Waterford Mixology Collection
Waterford Elegance
Waterford Mixology Rum
Waterford Giftology collection
Waterford Aran collection
Waterford Love collection
Waterford Marquis Markham collection
Waterford Short Stories collection
Waterford Short Stories Aras Barware collection
Waterford Short Stories Cluin Barware collection
Waterford Short Stories Olann Barware collection
Waterford Irish Dogs
Waterford Marquis Brady
Waterford Marquis Crosby
Waterford Marquis Lacey
Waterford Marquis Maxwell
Waterford Marquis Moments
Waterford Marquis Sparkle
Waterford Marquis Treviso
Waterford Diamond Line
Waterford Wedding
Waterford Fleurology
Waterford Powerscourt
Waterford Mont Clare
Waterford Conover