Crystal Repair Services

At Crystal House, we understand the sentimental value that crystal pieces hold. Accidents happen, and we are here to help you restore the beauty and integrity of your cherished crystal items. 

Our professional crystal repair services are designed to breathe new life into damaged pieces, ensuring they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our goal is to not only fix the damage but also preserve its original beauty and intricacy. 

Browse our collections, explore our customization options, crystal repair services and let your imagination take flight. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with breathtaking beauty and precision.

Thank you for choosing Crystal House, where artistry meets crystal to create cherished memories.






repair example Price        Depends upon...
UV bonding agent -  pieces together from a perfect,
clean break, or with small art pieces,
such as Swarovski, etc.
$25- $45
size of broken piece, value of piece.
Remove chips from top of crystal goblets,
flutes, stemware, etc. (our most common repair)
$30 - $50
depth of chips; thickness of stemware; and value of piece.
Price is usually $40.
Remove chips from top of flat-top bowl
$50 - $200
depth of chips, thickness and weight of bowl; value of piece.
More if bowl is very heavy.
Radical cut and reshape of thick lead crystal bow or vase.
$150 - $400
amount and size of cuts, shape of piece, value of piece.

Note: Samples of Our Work will be displayed as Featured products. These pages will be prepared in photoshop to fill the space of featured product
. . . image and text for each specific displayed job.

Simple submission order form where customers can list the item they are shipping to Crystal House for repairs.

Please note that "ordering" this "item" by adding it to your cart, and checking out, sends us your contact, repair, and payment information.

No money is actually charged when you submit this order, until we receive the item(s) for repair.

Do not fill out and send this form merely to answer a question about repair, or for an estimate only. This form is for those sending an item for repair. (Estimates can be obtained by just sending us some photos of the item(s) in need of repair.)

Please print an additional copy of this order and place it with the item(s) which you ship to us.

The carton should be double-packed;

No glass touching glass, or the wall of a carton;

No flimsy wrapping, as in one layer of bubble wrap, etc;

Do not tape pieces together, or ship little pieces touching each other.
Send to:
Crystal House
Attn:  Repairs
59 S. LaSalle Street,
Aurora, Illinois 60505