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To Our Customers, 

Now that most of the dust has settled we realize a need to reinvent ourselves as a business in order to stay current with these changing times. And, due to Covid closures, and vandalizing from civil unrest, etc., etc . we are faced with the dilemma of needing a bigger workforce in order to do so. 

Our new campaign is called: #supportcrystalhouse. ‘'Support Crystal House' is a campaign initiative to raise funds that will pay salaries to new employees.. 

We have invested in revamping our current website to make it more user friendly. Please provide feedback on your experience using it . . . what you like and even what you don’t like. 

We need your help to increase our much-needed workforce. 

Your purchase on our website, a donation or underwriting the salary for a new hire will benefit not only Crystal House but also our community and our entire society as well 

#supportcrystalhouse we are in this together . . . . 

Please visit our website and/or call us to purchase currently available items or to personalize a product according to your specifications . As always, we are honored to serve you by “making memories in crystal”. 

Thank You, Elias, Chaz & The Crystal House Team 

“You can break glass...but you cannot break our spirit!”

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  • ben

    Nov 02, 2022

    keep trying

  • ben

    Nov 02, 2022

    good job