Amstel Award - optical crystal Amstel Award - optical crystal
Black and clear optical crystal combines in this sharply angled sculpture to highlight your accomplishment with contemporary drama. OPT3601 8½" $160.00 OPT3602 9½" $185.00 OPT3603...
Anastasia Gemstone Award - Diamond Anastasia Gemstone Award - Diamond
Our tapered optical crystal disc is highlighted with a sparkling faceted diamond gemstone to give your accomplishment 100 carat prominence. OPT8002 4" x 4" $85.00...
Amber Mosaic Amber Mosaic
Mosaic is the art of creating images of small pieces of glass or other materials. ||Our mosaic awards are designed to evoke the feelings of...
Alderwood Award
4 Beautiful Pillars of Optical Crystal on a thick matching Optical Base. Add creative design and sand carving by master craftsmen at Crystal House to...
Ashford Award Ashford Award
Optical Crystal Available in 3 sizes Featuring Optional Cut Heavy Optical Base OPT221 5" x 3" $95.00 OPT222 7½" x 3" $135.00 OPT223 10" x...
Ambassador Globe Award Ambassador Globe Award
Optical Crystal Features a 3D world Globe molded into the back of the award Available in 4 Sizes OPG516 4" x 3" $60.00 OPG517 6"...
Artemus Star Award
The Artemus, a tapered block of pure, sparkling optical crystal, features a deeply etched upper front surface, emulating a cascade of snow flowing down from...
Ashbrook Globe Award
Contemporary Anodized Aluminum Holder for the Optical Globe mounted on an Optical base OPG871 2 3/8" Diam $110.00 OPG872 3 1/8" Diam $175.00 OPG873 4"...
Valentino Award
A very unique Heart Shaped Optical Piece Plenty of engraving room OPT9593 7½" x 6¾" $165.00
Wertheim Eagle Award
Beautiful Molded Eagle Head Mounted on a thick optical base OPT6802 7¼" x 2¾" $200.00
Malvina Eagle Award
Magnificent Optical Crystal Eagle soaring with sparkling detail above a solid Optical base. OPT6985-C Clear 10.75" $165.00 OPT6985-K Black 10.75"   $180.00
Valhalla Award
Cut and beveled optical crystal rods are spiraled together in this dramatic sculpture that appears to spin while reflecting rainbow spectrals of light from its...
Victory Award Victory Award
Optical Crystal 2nd Position Etch Optional Available in 4 sizes Packaging: Birchmount Box OPT811 5" x 4" $100.00 OPT812 6" x 5" $140.00 OPT813 7"...
Regent Award
Regent, Optic Crystal, shipped in a premium quality presentation box. SKU DEPTH WIDTH HEIGHT price SLO2011 2 1/2" 2 1/2" 8"     $80 SLO2012 2...
Granville Award - Black Base
The Granville's faceted optical crystal edges are combined with a gem-cut ebony crystal tip and matching base to create an award of elegant jewelry quality....
Pedestal Crystal Tower on Black Base
A freestanding octagonal column of flawless clarity, the Pedestal Crystal Tower fuses clear and black optical crystal into a single piece. An award of substance and weight...
Winged Achievement Winged Achievement
Presenting a most extraordinary symbol of Achievement created by R.S.Owens. Finished in our purest 24k gold or genuine silver with bright polished and satin contrast,...
Westchester Clock - Optical
This classic mantle clock is reimagined in optical crystal and updated with a skeleton movement to create a modern timepiece with classic proportions.
Vertical Tower w 4 Bars Vertical Tower w 4 Bars
Presenting perpetual award displays that look as good with or without the add-ons! Aluminum add-ons are easily engraved with your recipient's name or the goal...
Vector Award - Optical Black
The multiple facets of the Vector create a sparkling presence or refracted light, mounted to our beveled black optical crystal base.
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