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Military Gifts

Navy base's logo, military emblem, insignia, graphics or text can be deep etched by hand on these thick fluted shot glasses.

Made in America. This unique gift comes packaged as single or as a pair in a presentation box
Buy them as souvenirs and they are sure to become heirlooms!.

13 products found in Military Gifts

Stem Proud Navy Mom
  • $35.00

Wine Glasses

Military Insignia - Red Wine Glasses (PAIR)
  • $50.00

Wine Glass

Military Insignia - White Wine Glass (PAIR)
  • $75.00

Wine Glass

America's Navy - Wine Glass (Single)
  • $35.00

Wine Glass

Navy logo Orrefors Decanter Set
  • From $175.00

Decanter Sets

Navy Chief Logo sand carved - Pair
  • $39.95

Shot Glass

Rectangular Block PW US Navy
  • $30.00


Faceted Paperweight with Great Lakes Logo
  • $30.00

Faceted Ornaments with Great Lakes
  • $25.00

Military Insignia Engraved on Maritime Beer Mug
  • $30.00

Beer Mug

Military Insignia - Stemless Wine Glass
  • From $20.00

Stemless Wine Glass

Military Logo/Insignia Sand carved on Brandy Snifter - Pair
  • $50.00

Brandy Snifter

Military Insignia - Whiskey DOF (PAIR)
  • $50.00

Whiskey Glass