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Military Stem

Personal, Corporate or Military . . . You name it, we'll engrave it! Crystal House will sand carve graphics or text to suit you on this amazing stemmed wine glass. Say what you want to say on this sleek ultra thin, yet durable, beadless edge wine glass. The seamless bowl and stem design provide and upscale look.

Have it customized your way by our master sand-carving craftsmen at Crystal House!

Made in USA and packaged in presentation boxes Personalization included.

4 products found in Military Stem

Military Insignia - Red Wine Glasses (PAIR)
  • $50.00

Wine Glass

Stem Proud Navy Mom
  • $35.00

Wine Glasses

America's Navy - Wine Glass (Single)
  • $35.00

Wine Glass

Military Insignia - White Wine Glass (PAIR)
  • $75.00

Wine Glass