Paige Butter/Cheese Knives (Set of 4)
Designer: Sean O'Hara Year Designed: 2017 Oven Safe: no Dishwasher Safe: Yes Material Type: Stainless Steel
Trace 5-Piece Place Setting
Dress up your table with the Trace 5-Piece Flatware Set. A design element not to be overlooked, each handle features a soft hammer detail that...
Frond Steak Knives (Set of 4)
Frond's organic shape is a testament to the elegance of nature. With its angled detail at the bottom of the stem, the Frond Steak Knives...
Dune 5-Piece Place Setting
Crafted by the vagaries of the wind, sand dunes can take many forms. Some form linear ridges, others undulate in gentle crescents. In profile, Lou...
Fiona 5-Piece Place Setting
The subtle yet distinctive horizontally ridged design on the handle is the first thing you notice when you pick up a fork, knife or spoon...
Fjord 5-Piece Place Setting
Scandinavian modern is all about form, rather than ornamentation. Lou Henry's Fjord flatware quietly embodies this aesthetic. The solid, confident handles exhibit a perfect heft...
Frond 5-Piece Place Setting
Frond's organic shape is a testament to the elegance of nature. Each piece features an angled detail at the bottom of the step and the...
Dazzle 5-Piece Place Setting
The arresting Dazzle Flatware 5-Piece Set is the epitome of luminous style and gorgeous substance. The handles are emblazoned with round, mirror-polished facets, like a...
Skye 5-Piece Place Setting Skye 5-Piece Place Setting
The Skye Dinnerware Collection takes inspiration from the rolling hills and serene landscape of the Isle of Skye. This is reflected in the curve of...
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