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Waterford Mixology Rum

We instantly recognize heritage and iconic craft. Explore Mixology Rum and dive into the fresh flavors and tropical aromas of this legendary Caribbean spirit.

Our Mixology Rum collection brings together luxury crystal craftsmanship and an iconic spirit that is steeped in rich history and famed for its versatility.

This skilfully crafted collection of rum glassware is tailored to every taste, with specially designed crystal tumblers, coupes, highballs and hurricanes. Whether you prefer rum as a single measure, in a refreshing cocktail, or as a warming addition to your favorite hot beverage, there is a stunning glass in this collection for you.

5 products found in Waterford Mixology Rum

Mixology Circon Coupe Large, Set of 2
  • $220.00

Martini Glass

Mixology Circon Pitcher
  • $350.00

Serving Pitchers & Carafes

Mixology Circon Cocktail Shaker
  • $250.00

Cocktail Shakers

Mixology Circon Hiball, Set of 2
  • $220.00


Sold out

Copy of Mixology Circon Tumbler, Set of 2
  • $170.00

Whiskey Glass - Tumbler